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Sudhir Kumar :-

Sudhir Kumar has given his lifetime to real estate industry. He has the experience of more than a decade in real estate sales and construction and has created wonders by his efforts in transforming real estate sector in Delhi NCR, eastern UP, Bihar & Jharkhand. He believes in technological advancement, and his works inspire technological Excellency. With fresh and innovative approach in real estate business, he has achieved accolades and is considered eminent figure in real estate sector.

His experience and inspiration to work effortlessly in real estate sector marked the advent of “Shape infrastructures”. Under his guidance and leadership, shape infrastructures flies to achieve greater heights and become widely known name in real estate industry.

He believes, “Success is achieved only through undirected efforts” and has worked relentlessly to achieve the fleet to reach this position. He has worked with leading brands and well known names of real estate industry in Delhi-NCR for around 12 years. Principled, yet open to fresh thought and ideas, he has always used emerging practices and business models for rapid growth. As a leading entrepreneur and real estate expert he has worked to create exclusive and diverse options for customers.

Saroj Singh :-

Saroj Singh has been the sole reason behind the creative excellence and rapid development in management of “shape infrastructures”. With a positive aura and dedicated approach in finding solutions she has crafted the victory path of the company. “Strong Professional Values & solid business skills” are her trademark. She believes in fulfilling the commitment and has uplifted the workforce to sustain through many challenges. At SHAPE INFRASTRUCTRE she looks after the construction process & is often involved in minute detailing of the project which shapes the final outcome to tremendous success. According to her, the fundamental reason of success is commitment and loyalty. She is the backbone of the company and her vision has endeavored strength to “Shape infrastructures”.

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